As experts in the electrical sector, Pcb Runner is aware of how vital dependable and efficient component sourcing is to our business. But frequently, we run into problems that impede our procurement procedures and affect project deadlines. The article also suggests practical solutions to the top five problems encountered by experts in the acquisition of electronic components.

Depending on the PCB components required, acquiring components may need collaborating with both local and foreign vendors. It is essential to consider elements like cost, lead times, quality, availability, and minimum order quantities while purchasing PCB board components. To ensure proper operation, printed circuit board components also need to be compatible with other parts of the circuit.


Reliable PCB Part Procurement Services for UK and European Customers


 To put it briefly, obtaining electronic components is essential to the electronics sector because it guarantees the dependability and safety of the final goods.

Challenges of Procuring Electronic Components and Parts for PCB Projects 

The challenges of procuring electronic components and parts for PCB projects are given below :

Disruptions to the Supply Chain:

 Natural catastrophes, geopolitical events, and market volatility are some of the causes that can cause disruptions to the global supply chain. Electronic component shortages, delays, and price increases may result from these interruptions.

 Cost management:

 When purchasing electronic components, striking a balance between cost and quality is a recurring difficulty. The total cost of components might be affected by price changes, market needs, and shifting exchange rates.

 Component Obsolescence:

 As technology advances, manufacturers discontinue products, or consumer demand shifts, electronic components may become outdated. Planning ahead and using mitigation techniques are necessary to deal with component obsolescence.

 Quality Assurance:

 To prevent product failures and expensive rework, it is crucial to guarantee the quality and dependability of electrical components. The issues associated with quality assurance are non-conformance of products, counterfeit components, and varying quality standards.

 Regulation and Compliance: 

Certain components, such those covered by RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), may be subject to regulations and compliance requirements. When acquiring electronic components, it is crucial to take these restrictions into account as they may affect the pricing and availability of components.

 Although there are many distributors of components, only a select handful can be relied upon to provide high-quality products. When looking for component wholesalers, manufacturers of printed circuit boards typically worry about which company would provide the greatest service. Selecting a business that can handle any problem related to part procurement would be a smart choice. Leading component distributors are equipped to handle any challenge. These include finding the difficult-to-find and obsolete parts and meeting tight deadlines. Collaborate with businesses that employ certain systems for data collection as well. In order to learn more about these businesses, you may also conduct additional research about them online.

 PCB component sourcing and procurement are crucial phases in the product development lifecycle that call for a thorough evaluation of supplier capabilities, component quality, lead times, and supply chain robustness. Building strong ties with trustworthy distributors and suppliers of components is crucial to obtaining a steady supply of high-grade components for electronic production.

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 Below mentioned are some trusted component suppliers across the Europe and UK. 


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Engineers, designers, R&D innovators, product managers, supply chain/manufacturing specialists, sales/customer service representatives, and quality assurance workers make up our multinational team of professional experts.

 Phases of the Acquisition of Electronic Components

Prior to sourcing electronic parts, the steps listed below must be followed carefully:

Acquisition of Requirements:

 Have a clear idea of the components you need for your project, including their specs, the quantities needed, and the anticipated delivery date, before you begin your search for them.

Selecting Suppliers:

Selecting a trustworthy supplier is necessary to guarantee the timely and high-quality delivery of components. Prior to making a purchase, consider the supplier’s standing, background, and performance. You can also read through the supplier’s customer reviews.

Examine Prices and Quality:

 After you’ve found reputable vendors, evaluate their offerings to decide which is best for you. Additionally, look for any hidden expenses or any extra charges, such as shipping or handling fees.

 Online Sourcing Platforms:

 A large number of online sourcing platforms give a comprehensive range of product details, including technical specs and datasheets, along with a comprehensive selection of components. They are great sources for locating and contrasting parts from various vendors. This can assist you in researching the market.

 Look for Alternatives:

 Consider other possibilities if your favorite provider does not have a certain component in stock. For example, you might be able to use a part that is comparable to what you need or from a different manufacturer.

Lead times:

 Lead times can significantly affect a project’s total timeline. Make sure you give yourself enough time for delivery, and if your application calls for it, think about ordering parts ahead of time.

 Advanced Techniques and Resources Used in the Procurement Process

 To minimize the effects of unanticipated events, tight collaboration with suppliers is necessary to forecast component requirements, optimize inventory levels, and create backup plans for possible supply chain interruptions.

Additionally, utilizing digital platforms and technologies for component sourcing and procurement, like online marketplaces, supply chain management systems, and electronic component databases, can improve transparency, expedite the sourcing process, and enable effective supplier communication. Adopting digitalization in the procurement of components might result in notable advantages concerning supply chain agility, risk mitigation, and cost optimization.

 PCB Component Testing and Quality Assurance

The overall functionality and lifespan of electronic systems depend heavily on the quality and dependability of PCB components. Strict quality control procedures must be followed during the manufacturing and assembly stages in order to identify and stop component flaws, non-conformities, and performance variations.

 Advanced testing methods are used to evaluate the durability and functional integrity of PCB components under a range of working situations. These methods include vibration testing, thermal cycling, electrical testing, and environmental stress screening. These tests verify the functionality of components in a variety of real-world settings and assist in locating potential flaws or vulnerabilities in them.

To make sure that sourced components fulfill the necessary specifications and industry norms, quality assurance procedures including incoming inspection, traceability, and compliance verification are essential in addition to functional testing. The adherence of components to performance and regulatory requirements is validated by certifications such as ISO quality management, RoHS compliance, and industry-specific certifications.

 Working together with independent validation authorities and recognized third-party testing labs can give another level of assurance to the dependability and quality of PCB components. To promote improvements in component quality and dependability over time, component suppliers must be included in feedback loops and continuous improvement programs.

 Sectors Accessed by PCB Runner

PCB Runner has been working with clients for more than ten years to produce top-notch products and services that meet a range of market needs. We take pride in our ability to deliver projects on schedule and under budget. Printed circuit board (PCB) design is one of our specialties; we combine mechanical, signal, and power engineering to PCB layouts to produce prototypes quickly. Our primary focus is on creating dependable printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a diverse range of sectors, such as:

 Applications in the Military and Aerospace, Healthcare and Medical Electronics, Telecommunication and Networking, and Industry , Applications for Consumer Electronics in Automotive.


 We have been providing services to the aerospace and defense sectors. In addition, we offer related services and PCB design for aviation electronics, control systems, wearables, weapons, communications, and in-flight entertainment applications. Additionally, we provide production support for modern applications such cars, avionics systems, ruggedized systems, and power supplies. It’s also in communications, countermeasures, helicopter parts, and cockpit lights.

Due to their lengthy development cycles and high qualification costs, aerospace companies need to find partners that can provide solid, dependable, and reasonably priced products.

 Medical Electronics and Healthcare

Among our esteemed clients, PCB Runner is one of the top producers of PCBs for medical and healthcare equipment worldwide. We offer PCB design and manufacturing services for image scanning systems, surgical devices, laboratory, dentistry, and medical equipment to the healthcare and medical electronics industries.

 PCB Runner’s custom-built PCBs for engineered products are of the necessary caliber and dependability. Our PCBs are used in medical equipment used by industries all over the world for vital functions like patient diagnosis.