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    PCB Capabilities

    Printed Circuit Board Assembly — PCB Assembly Services UK & Europe

    PCB Runner offers high quality quick turn PCB assembly services. Our printed circuit board assembly services cover both rigid as well as flex PCB manufacturing and assembly. We offer quality driven PCB assembly processes that ensure your board assembly is of the highest quality.

    With over 10 years of experience in UK & Europe, Printed Circuit Board assembly services from PCB Runner is a leading one-stop solution for PCBA under one roof. We handle all small, medium, and production runs with fast lead-times, and we have no minimum quantity requirements.

    Our Services

    We have tailored our hardware innovation platform for helping our customers grow their differentiating products. For this, we offer accessible technologies with delivery and quality guaranteed. PCB Runner offers assembly services in UK & Europe that include PCB manufacture and assembly.

    PCB Runner offers you the following advantages for board assembly services as we:

    • Do not have any minimum order quantity
    • Do not charge set up fees
    • Offer engineering prototype
    • Do not add stencil charges
    • Offer low-cost first article builds
    • Use the latest circuit board assembly equipment
    • Offer laser cut stainless steel stencils
    • Review all your CAM files prior to starting PCB manufacturing and assembly
    • Your PCBs flow seamlessly from fabrication to assembly

    PCB Assembly Capabilities

    PCB Types

    We handle all types of PCB assembly, including:

    It does not matter if your board shape is rectangular or round, whether it has slots and cutouts, or is complex and irregular. Our expert and experienced staff can handle all types of PCBs for circuit board assembly. So, contact PCB Runner today for details.

    PCB Manufacturer
    PCB Turnkey

    PCB Assembly Types

    Our service includes:

    • Circuit board assembly
    • Prototype assembly
    • SMT assembly
    • Through Hole assembly
    • PCB manufacturing and assembly
    • Quick turn assembly
    • Board assembly
    • Electronic board assembly

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    Our quick turn PCB assembly services for UK & Europe can handle PCBA for all through hole devices (THD), all Surface mount technology (SMT) devices, mixed SMT and THD, and even two-sided THD and SMT assembly.

    Therefore, for any special requirements of PCBA and prototype circuit board assembly, please contact PCB Runner today.

    Soldering Types

    We offer all types of soldering technologies:

    • Manual Soldering
    • Reflow Soldering
    • Wave Soldering
    • No-Clean Process

    We offer Leaded soldering as well as Lead-free soldering to comply with RoHS directives. Moreover, we can program our ovens for standard soldering profiles or custom soldering profiles as directed by our customers. Trust us; we assure you complete satisfaction with our quality soldering techniques. So, for any inquiries regarding our ovens or solder, please get in touch with PCB Runner today.

    PCB Capabilities
    PCB Layout Design

    Component Types

    We use state-of-the-art machines to handle all types of components for board assembly:

    • Passive SMD components down to 0201 sizes
    • BGA, uBGA, POP, QFN, and LeadLess chips
    • Fine pitch ICs with 0.25 mm (8 mils) pitch
    • All types of connectors and terminals
    • Nano-coated stencils

    Therefore, for electronic PCB assembly, whether your components are on reels, cut tape, in tubes, or in trays, our pick-n-place machines can handle them all. For through hole PCB assembly, we also accept loose parts and bulk components from our customers.

    PCBA Inspection Capabilities

    To enable us to offer the best quality board assembly for our customers, PCB Runner has installed inspection stages at strategic places of our electronic PCB assembly line. While we offer free visual inspection, we also have X-ray, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and In-Circuit Inspection (ICT) facility available.

    Thus, for any special inspection of your printed circuit board assembly, please contact our expert team at PCB Runner.

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    turnkey - picture

    Printed Circuit Board Assembly In UK & Europe

    PCB Runner promises all customers high quality, mature PCB manufacturing and assembly at affordable prices, the best quality, and competitive lead times. We make sure you will be entirely satisfied with the final product, and we will do the best we can to delight you.

    Why Should You Select Us?

    • Firstly, we provide instant online quote for printed circuit board assembly without any hidden costs
    • Secondly, we provide quick turn PCB assembly with 24-hour build time
    • Thirdly, We have ten years of industrial expertise
    • Fourthly, We offer technical support with a professional touch
    • Moreover, We offer free DFM review
    • Also, we electrically test all PCBA
    • Our electronic PCB assembly services include electronic and mechanical assembly
    • We offer Quality with a guarantee

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