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    PCB Runner offers the best Copper Coin Technology of PCB manufacturing industry.

    High Density Interconnect PCB from HDI PCB Manufacturer

    Thermal dissipation is a major concern while working with PCBs and electronic circuits. The latest technological advancements are bringing some complexities with them and thermal management of PCBs is one of them. A high thermal conductivity PCB may transfer heat effectively and swiftly. High thermal conductivity materials can quickly transport heat from one place to another. They are employed in situations where quick heat transfer is crucial.

    There are multiple methods of Heat dissipation in high-power PCBs which include: Thermal vias, thicker boards, cooling fans, different soldering techniques, etc. Prior methods are somewhat effective but a higher level of thermal management can be achieved through Copper coin integration. Copper is a highly conductive material and it helps reduce the heat generated in PCBs. The copper coin PCB is constructed by adding a copper coin within the layers of multilayer PCBs. This layout helps in the conduction of heat from one side to the other or even between the layers.

    Types of Copper Coin PCBs


    It deals with hiding or burying the copper coin within the PCB, as the name implies. It involves inserting a copper piece straight underneath the component. The printed circuit board retains heat and makes it easier for copper to dissipate or be removed once it is inside.

    The following are some characteristics or elements that set buried Copper Coin PCBs apart from other types

    • There is less processing power.
    • The cost of this kind of Copper Coin PCB is low.

    Although Copper Coin PCBs can promote heat conduction, there’s a possibility that they won’t function to the fullest extent that is anticipated if you were interacting with the hidden Copper Coin PCB. Because of its placement or burial inside the pre-milling groove, it is impossible to promote heat conduction.

    Several ideas have been devised to improve the transmission of heat via the buried Copper Coins PCB despite this incapacity. Among these procedures are:

    • The application of materials with high thermal conductivity.
    • Creating denser patterns for heat dissipation hole.
    • Circuit made of thick copper foil.


    If you want a PCB to conduct heat more quickly, you must use advanced PCB cooling solutions such as Embedded Copper Coin board layout. To activate the heat conduction capabilities, use:

    • The embedded copper’s direct link with the inner copper layers.
    • Heat conduction is facilitated by the buried Copper Coin PCBs instantly while the circuit board is in operation.
    • The transfer of heat from the air via the copper coin is then facilitated by the Embedded copper coin.
    Copper Coin Technology is of two types; buried and embedded.
    High Density Interconnect PCB

    Advantages of Copper Coin Circuit Boards

    1. Conduction of heat 
    Heat dissipation can be achieved in a high-power PCB by integrating copper into it. But to be able to control the flow of heat and manage the whole process is entirely a different thing. Copper coin PCBs have two advantages: they allow for better process control and quicker heat conduction.

    2. Communications at High Speed 
    A printed circuit board only operates at peak efficiency when heat is being conducted away from specific components and the circuit as a whole at a faster rate. You can use the copper coin integrated PCB  in fast-speed communication applications because of its faster heat conduction capability. This includes making it possible for multiple circuits to communicate at high speeds.

    3. Increased Thermal Resistance 
    The board dissipates heat more quickly for this main reason. Evening out the rate of heat transport is facilitated by a greater thermal conductivity feature.

    Uses Of Copper Coin Technology

    • 5G network access
    • Contemporary electronic vehicles
    • High output from a little battery
    • Audio efficiency

    There are situations where a PCB alone cannot handle the required high heat dissipation. To achieve fast and dependable high heat dissipation in a short amount of time, an embedded copper coin must be inserted. For this reason, the PCB with copper coin first appeared in the field of electronics. It has a few unique characteristics.

    • Rapid communication between several circuits.
    • It can transfer heat more effectively and uniformly because of its excellent thermal conductivity.
    • Additionally, high heat dissipation with improved control and even distribution is guaranteed by the copper coin for PCB
    PCB Runner offers the best manufacturing capabilities of various types of PCBs, effectively managed with Copper Coin Technology.

    HDI PCB Fabrication

    The following table shows the capabilities offered by PCB Runners to provide you with the most reliable copper coin PCBs.





    1-50 layers

    Base material


    Metal type


    Metal thickness

    Inner (min) Hoz – (max) 6oz

    Outer (min) Hoz – (max) 6oz

    Lamination thickness

    2 – 4 oz

    Thickness of Plating

    ≥2.5 mils copper in holes

    Registration accuracy



    PCB Runners are manufacturing PCBs with copper coin technology while observing the IPC-A-600 standard. We offers an international standard for evaluating the reliability and quality of electronic assemblies,  permits producers to guarantee dependable and high-quality products on a constant basis.

    PCB Runner offers turnkey solutions which include custom design layout, fabrication, components procurement & assembly labor, for all industries. Our expert design layout team efforts help the end R&D engineers/ Buyers/ Purchasers to reduce their time by going back & forth to design PCBs based on manufacturing capabilities & running DFM & DFA twice.

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