PCB Manufacturer Ireland

PCB Runner, PCB manufacturer Ireland, loves to go where others dare not. We understand the difficulty our customers face when searching for a supplier with an experience in a wide range of industries, and who is willing to take on their technical design challenges. PCB Runner not only offers superior design expertise. We also lead cost saving solutions that benefit customers significantly. Our team welcome every opportunity for supporting them on their current projects.

As an internationally recognized PCB manufacturer Ireland.Our design team and application engineers offer several decades of combined industry expertise. That allows PCB Runner to offer our customers superior design services along with attentive overall support.

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    PCB Manufacturing Ireland

    Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembly Ireland

    Our Ireland based manufacturing facilities allow us to offer excellent quality and competitive prices.

    Our Value Added Service & Customer Support:

    • Single-, Double-, and Multi-Layered Boards
    • Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex Circuits
    • PTH, SMT, Mixed Assembly Services
    • Testing Services
    • Box Build Services
    • Design Consultation, Design for Manufacturing, Optimization
    • Prototype and Full Production (we support low-mix high-volumes and high-mix low-volume programs)

    Our unparalleled business model allows us to serve customers across the globe effectively.

    Operating out of Ireland, we have positioned ourselves to provide our customers with outstanding quality and support. Our prices are competitive due to our facilities being local. Contact us today for all your circuit board requirements. Enjoy an unmatched design and manufacturing experience. We are strongly committed to deliver cost effective but high-quality solutions.

    PCB Assembly Ireland

    Our PCB assembly Ireland aims to provide our customers with high quality service at competitive prices. We are ready to meet all programs from our customers whether they are small or high volume. We have a management team, Program managers, customer support team.

    Our Assembly Facility Offers:

    • Complete SMT lines
    • 100K and 10K Clean Rooms
    • Modern Electronic Workshops
    • Reliability Laboratories
    • Testing Centers
    • Dedicated workshops for high volume programs

    For our customers we produce sub-assemblies, complete box builds, or assemble product modules. We also specialize in testing services, including hardware, functional, and software testing. For meeting test requirements for our customers, we also design specialized custom test equipment.

    PCB Manufacturer Ireland offers our customers full turn-key assembly, where we take care of the entire project. We fabricate the circuit board, purchase the components, and provide the labor for assembling them. Customers have peace of mind that they do not have to follow up with multiple vendors.

    We also encourage customers who want to supply their own components for assembly. We fabricate their PCB and supply the labor for assembling their boards.

    PCB Prototype Ireland
    PCB Assembly Ireland

    Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacture Ireland

    PCB Runner, rigid and rigid-flex PCB manufacture Ireland has been supplying military and aerospace industries with different types of circuit boards. Our rigid and rigid-flex circuit combination provides the best of both circuits. Our circuits offer better quality control and higher component density. With our expertly designed circuits, we can offer rigid parts for extra support and flexible parts for areas that have space limitations. Customers use our rigid and rigid-flex circuit boards for reasons related to:

    Our HDI capabilities:

    • Connection Reliability
    • Lower Parts Count
    • Flexible Design Options
    • High Density Applications
    • Package Weight and Size Reduction

    HDI PCB Manufacturer Ireland

    With the global marketplace becoming highly demanding, PCB Runner, HDI PCB Ireland continues to exceed the capabilities and technologies of our competitors. We are industry leaders in providing High Density Interconnects for a wide range of industries.
    Our team uses CO2 and Yag laser drilling to create microvias in our HDI circuits for making blind. We use buried vias, solid copper filled via-in-pads, and thin tracks and spaces. The team fabricates HDI boards conforming to UL standards and RoHS directives.

    Our HDI capabilities:

    Features Capabilities
    Microvia Diameter 25 microns (Minimum)
    Track Width / Spacing 19 microns / 19 microns
    Copper Thickness 5 microns
    Blind Microvia Aspect Ratio 1.2:1 (Depth to Diameter)
    Core Dielectric Thickness 12 microns (Minimum)
    Blind and Buried via Construction technique Sequential Build
    Via fill Solid Copper


    Contact us today to learn more about us and how we can help your company with highly complex HDI boards.

    Apart from the above, we also provide design assistance for:

    • Three to Eight-layer Combinations
    • Controlled Impedance
    • Interconnection Reduction
    • Highly Complex Configurations

    We are experts in flexible circuits and we take on the most complex of design challenges. We can design rigid-flex circuits for meeting configurations that others would consider highly complex and unimaginable. By combining rigid boards with flexible circuits. We offer our customers highly streamlined designs, while at the same time reducing the package weight and size.

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