PCB Manufacturer Switzerland

PCB Runner, PCB manufacturer Switzerland, has been leading the industry for over a decade in providing the most innovative circuit board technologies with the highest quality standards. Our customers count on us to meet their needs and fulfill their requirements, starting from the simplest boards to successfully handling the most complex designs, for both small quantity requirements and large-scale production numbers.

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    PCB Manufacturing Switzerland

    Why Choose PCB Runner For PCB Manufacturing and Assembly In Switzerland ?

    We offer the best Switzerland based full-service complying with the following standards:

    • AS9100
    • IPC 6012 Class 3/3A
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • MIL-PRF-5510
    • MIL-PRF-31032
    • ITAR Registered
    • DOD Contracts

    We hold the best on-time shipping record in the industry

    We offer the largest support team

    Our customer base is one of the largest

    PCB Runner is one of the largest PCB manufacturer Switzerland. Our customers can avail of expanded capabilities and exclusive services such as free Design for Manufacturing or DFM, including excellent and personal customer service for each order. Our customers benefit from the instant online quotes and tracking systems, while placing their orders. Contact our Regional Sales Team today with your requirements.

    PCB Manufacturer Switzerland offers:

    • 100% Switzerland Based Manufacturing
    • Quick and Easy One Day Fabrication and Assembly
    • Live Tech Support 24×7
    • Same Day and Weekend Turns
    • ITAR Registered
    • DOD Contracts Ready
    • Space & Flights Approved PCB Supplier
    • No Minimum Order Quantity

    If you need small quantity circuit prototyping, simply contact PCB Runner. We offer three low-cost options suitable for small quantity prototyping needs. We manufacture them quickly and with few restrictions, and we use the same high-technology equipment as we do for full-service boards. Our small quantity service includes:

    • Quick single day shipping
    • Maximizing board area to lower the cost

    Multi-part arraying

    PCB Assembly Switzerland

    • PCB Runner offers full assembly support for customers. These include
      • Zero stencil charges
      • Zero set-up fees
      • Latest assembly equipment
      • Full CAM and DFA review prior to manufacturing

      For prototype assembly we offer quick turn of one day.

      PCB assembly Switzerland is a leading one-stop solution offering all facilities under one roof. We specialize in small and medium runs with ultra-fast lead times. We have no minimum quantity requirements.

      Our team offers our customers peace of mind by a seamless process from fabrication to assembly. We fabricate all printed circuits that we assemble in-house, so that we have full control over all the processes—our customers do not have to manage multiple vendors. Customers can be certain that their boards will flow direct into our in-house assembly floor without any delay.

      Advanced Capabilities include:

      • Surface Mount Technology
      • Through Hole Technology
      • Mixed Technology
      • Single-, Double-, and Multi-Layered Board Placement
      • Packages — up to 0201, Fine Pitch up to 0.4 mm

      X-Ray Inspected Placements

    PCB Prototype Switzerland
    Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

    Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacture Switzerland

    We fabricate flex and rigid-flex circuits by stacking and pressing the flexible and rigid layers of the board depending on relevant process requirements.

    Our major customers are industries including military, aerospace, cellphone manufacturers, digital cameras and more.

    PCB Runner offer efficient advanced technology and perfect solution for rigid and rigid-flex circuits. Our capabilities are:

    Features Capabilities
    Board Size 6 mm x 6 mm (Minimum)

    457 mm x 610 mm (Maximum)

    Board Thickness 0.6 mm to 5.0 mm
    Track Width/Spacing 3 mil/3 mil (Minimum)
    Copper Weight 0.5 oz to 2.0 oz (Finished)
    Drill Hole Diameter 8 mil (Minimum)
    Surface Finish HASL

    Lead-free HASL



    Impedance Control ±10%
    Other Technologies HDI, Gold Fingers, Stiffeners
    Build Time 3 days to 2 Weeks

    This is custom heading element

    Our boards are:

    • More flexible, allowing bending to the desired applicable shape easily
    • Meant for space saving, allowing our customers make more compact designs
    • Highly reliable, with high tensile strength, allowing significant warpage/deformation without breakage
    • Able to withstand harsh environments
    • Suitable for cost savings by reducing material and packaging demands, lowering parts count, and removing potential assembly errors.

    HDI PCB Switzerland

    With an experience of more than a decade, PCB Runner, HDI PCB Switzerland has established a solid reputation for manufacturing HDI boards of the highest quality. Our manufacturing capabilities enable our customers get the finest quality boards at competitive prices.

    Before starting with fabrication, our team conducts DFM checks on customer’s files and consults them to ensure the boards will meet their performance requirements. Our on-site quality experts verify that the finished products are meeting the standards before dispatch.

    HDI Board Capabilities

    Quality Standard
    Grade IPC 2
    Layers 4 to 24
    Build Time 2 Days to 5 Weeks
    Order Quantity No Minimum Quantity
    Material FR-4 Standard Tg 140 C

    High Tg 170 C FR-4

    FR-4 and Rogers Combination

    Board Size 6 mm x 6 mm (Minimum)

    457 mm x 610 mm (Maximum)

    Board Thickness 0.4 mm to 3.0 mm
    Trace Width/ Spacing 2.5 mil / 2.5 mil (Minimum)
    Copper Weight 0.5 oz to 2.0 oz (Finished)
    Solder Mask Color Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, White, Green
    Silkscreen Color Yellow, Black, White
    Surface Finish HASL

    Lead-free HASL



    Immersion Tin

    Immersion Silver


    Blind/Buried Vias Stacked Vias – 3 Layers Interconnected

    Staggered Vias – 4 Layers Interconnected

    Drill Hole diameter 6 mil Drilled Hole (Minimum)

    4 mil Laser Hole

    Other Technologies Stiffeners

    Via in Pad

    Buried Capacitors

    PCB Manufacturer