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    High Density Interconnect PCB from HDI PCB Manufacturer

    HDI PCB manufacturer PCB Runner is offering high-quality High-Density Interconnect PCB for the fast-moving electronic industry. HDI boards are one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs. It is in your interests to start using the HDI PCB service from PCB Runner, as most likely, your competitors are already using them.

    You need High Density Interconnect PCBs as they provide a new way of achieving more room on your board to make them more efficient, allowing for higher speeds and higher frequency operations. HDI boards offer higher circuit density, and the HDI PCB design incorporates much finer lines and spaces as compared to those on conventional PCBs. High Density Interconnect PCBs incorporate features such as blind and buried vias along with microvias with diameters equal to or less than 6 mils.

    With more than a decade of HDI PCB manufacture and assembly experience, PCB Runner is offering high quality High Density Interconnect pcb services such as:

    • Design
    • Prototype
    • Fabrication

    Types of Advance PCB Boards

    We offer various types of advance PCB boards and several types of HDI boards such as with:

    • Through vias from top-most layer to the bottom-most layer
    • Blind vias between a surface layer and two or more HDI layers
    • Buried vias between two or more inner HDI layers
    • Passive substrates with no electrical connection
    • Coreless construction using layer pairs
    • Alternate coreless construction with layer pairs

    Using our HDI boards will give you additional advantages. Any enterprising company can benefit from HDI boards by simply switching over their existing design to HDI board design. High Density Interconnect manufacturer PCB Runner offers all types of services for conversion of your advance PCB boards to HDI PCB design.

    HDI Board Key Advantages

    High Density Interconnect PCB technology offers you higher flexibility and more design freedom than conventional designs can. For instance, your designers can now design with higher component densities on both sides of the PCB. Thanks to our multiple via processes, your designers now have more space to route traces, and place smaller components even closer together compared to what they can do in conventional PCB designs. In essence, with High Density Interconnect PCB technology your signal transmissions are faster and the signal quality improves substantially.

    Why to choose PCB design

    Using HDI PCB design, you can reduce the overall dimensions and weight of your products, while enhancing their electrical performance. Several industries are already using such advanced PCB boards including 4G network communications, digital cameras, laptop computers, touch-screen devices, mobile phones, and medical devices.

    Contact HDI PCB manufacturer PCB Runner today, and take advantage of the HDI PCB services we offer.

    High Density Interconnect PCB
    Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

    Technology with a Consumer Focus

    As an HDI PCB manufacturer, we offer advanced technology with a focus on consumers. For instance, our via-in-pad process for our HDI boards offers more on fewer layers. Using HDI PCB technology, manufacturers of video cameras have reduced their footprint to make them fit in the palm of your hand. Mobile phones and computers have become lighter and faster, thanks to the HDI board technology they follow.

    Therefore, if you want your products to be physically smaller, weigh less, and do more, we are available to help. Contact PCB Runner today, and we will help you with our specialty equipment and HDI PCB service to use smaller components and thinner materials, so that you can shrink the size of your products while expanding your technology and speed with a better quality.

    HDI PCB Service

    For the benefit of our customers, we offer several HDI PCB services. Our services will provide you the best quality of HDI boards design, HDI PCB prototypes, and HDI PCB fabrication. For this, we offer services such as:

    • Special Material and Lamination
    • Contact Imagery & Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
    • Laser Drilling Technology
    • Via-in-Pad Processing
    • Filled Vias
    • Cost-Effective HDI
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    PCB Turnkey

    HDI PCB Fabrication

    As PCB manufacturer, we at PCB Runner offer advanced multi-layer technology to sequentially add layer-pairs to form High Density Interconnect PCBs. We use laser drilling technology for producing holes in internal layers. Then we plate, image, and etch the layers prior to pressing. This forms our sequential build up process. We also use solid filled vias for better thermal management. This also increases the reliability of the HDI board, while providing a strong interconnect.

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    We use Semiconductor Class 100 clean rooms for processing HDI designs for circuit board prototypes. This allows us to image finer lines, spacing, and finer annular rings. Although we use contact imagery, for still finer lines we use laser direct imaging or LDI. We use the latest in technology at PCB Runner HDI production facilities to produce such advance PCB boards.

    We also use advanced technologies such as via-in-pads, and filled vias. Using our service, you can rest assured of achieving cost-effective HDI PCBs for your products.