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PCB Runner—PCB manufacturer Germany—works on a simple vision with complex results.

At PCB Runner, we specialize in advanced, complex technology of printed circuit board manufacturing—fabrication and assembly—for producing high-quality multi-layered circuit boards from elaborate layouts. We offer our customers unparalleled technical expertise at the most competitive prices along with the most progressive solutions.

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    PCB Capabilities

    PCB Prototype and manufacturer Germany

    We are PCB manufacturer Germany, and we offer our customers circuit board manufacturing technologies that is beyond the capabilities of regular board providers.

    If you have any complex concepts that typical manufacturers are unable to manufacture or assemble, simply bring it to us. We will gladly take up the challenge to turn your designs into reality. Our customers call us the World’s Greatest PCB Manufacturing Supplier.

    Not only board manufacturing, our expertise extends to PCB assembly as well. We specialize in the following types of PCB manufacturing and assembly:

    • Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing
    • Rigid-Flex board Assembly
    • Flex PCB Manufacturing
    • Flex board Assembly
    • HDI PCB Manufacturing
    • HDI board Assembly


    PCB Runner, the top-most PCB manufacturer Germany, has highly skilled engineers to partner with our customers for achieving economical perfection in manufacturing any type of multi-layered boards, irrespective of whether it is a simple double-sided board to an intricate rigid-flex or HDI boards of any complexity.

    Our aim is to make our customers want to come back to us all the time. For achieving this, we endeavor to make our services absolutely unique and valuable to our customers.

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    As PCB manufacturer Germany, we understand all our customers want is solutions fitting their requirements, and not something that a contract manufacturer is offering. We achieve this with the help of a diverse portfolio of vendors, and our borderless boards make sure our customers like our products.

    PCB Manufacturer Germany—Our Capabilities

    • Rigid-Flex PCB
    • Flex boards
    • HDI PCB
    • Through Holes, SMT, BGA, and more
    • Milspec PCB (IPC Class 1, 2, 3)
    • Lead Free boards (RoHS & WEEE Compliant)
    • Multi-Layered circuit boards with 40+ layers
    • Board Materials – FR-4, Polyimide, Rogers, and more
    • Trace and Spacing to 3 mils
    • Buried and Blind vias
    • Filled vias, Via-in-pad
    • Boards with Heavy Copper

    Core Expertise

    Apart from the above, we also offer expert fabrication and assembly services for:

    • Prototype PCBs
    • Small and Medium board Runs
    • Quick-Turn PCBs
    • Burn-In for Boards

    As PCB manufacturer Germany, we specialize in all types of printed circuit boards, including Rigid-Flex, Flex, and HDI PCBs. Also, we feature borderless boards that pushes our fabrication and assembly capabilities beyond that of regular manufacturers. Additionally, We can manufacture boards with much higher wiring densities with finer traces and spaces.

    PCB Assembly Austria
    Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

    PCB Assembly Germany

    For PCB assembly Germany, we offer specialized processes requiring knowledge of SMD components, assembly, layout design, fabrication, and a strong understanding of the final achievement. PCB assembly is only a part of the process for delivering the optimum product the first time, without any assembly errors or rework.

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    PCB Runner offers a one-step solution related to all board production services. We offer our customers full turn-key services for their project, starting from fabrication to assembly and testing. PCB assembly Germany provides the most advanced and superb capabilities for customer prototypes or production circuit applications.

    Therefore, our PCB assembly Germany services saves our customers the trouble of procurement processes when they deal with multiple vendors for components. So, contact us as we have experts that will search for and find the best components for our customers.

    Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacture Germany

    Flex PCB manufacture Germany offers printed circuits with a flexible base with or without flexible coverlay. Moreover, we fabricate these flexible electronic assemblies using the same components that we use for rigid boards. However, the flexible base allows conforming the board to the desired shape. Also, our rigid-flex and flex board capabilities can turn board fabrication in as quick as 24 hours.

    Furthermore, PCB Runner, rigid-flex and flexible circuit manufacturers, offers fabrication and assembly of flexible boards for use in medical devices, various types of industrial and telecommunication equipment.

    Therefore, our specialized rigid-flex and flex fabrication capabilities allow developing and fabricating best-in-class flex PCBs to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we also work closely with our customers to produce customized rigid-flex and flex circuit prototypes to improve their prospects significantly for a successful project outcome.

    HDI PCB Germany

    PCB Runner has established a hard-earned reputation as HDI PCB Germany, manufacturing HDI boards of the highest quality. Our custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer our customers the finest quality HDI circuits at competitive prices, and we do not have any minimum order quantity requirement.

    Why Us

    We always run DFM or design for manufacture checks on the customer’s PCB files and consult with them to ensure the manufacturability so that the boards will meet the performance requirements. Moreover, HDI PCB Germany also offer on-site quality control for verifying the finished product meets high quality standards.

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