PCB Manufacturer Finland

As the most prominent printed circuit board manufacturer in Finland, PCB Runner offers a single-window shop for all types of fabrication and assembly of full-featured PCBs. We offer a vast range of boards and flexible solutions. For instance, our offer includes:

  • Regular PCBs — Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, and HDI PCBs
  • Special PCBs — Metal Core, Aluminum backed PCBs
  • Advanced PCBs — Hybrid, Ceramic, RF, Heavy Copper PCBs
  • Customized Profiles — Square, Rectangular, Circular, Special profile PCBs
  • Substrates — High Frequency, High Speed, High Temperature, RoHS Compliant PCBs

Along with the capabilities of fabricating full-feature printed circuit boards, we handle all quantities, starting from prototypes to production, and quick turn. We can make panels with a maximum size of 400 mm X 450 mm, stackup of one to 32 layers, and with a lead time of 2+ days.

We also offer modern manufacturing options. Our offer includes buried vias, blind vias, staggered microvias, stacked microvias, resin filled/plugged vias, VIP or via-in-pad, half-cut, press-fit and castellated holes. Other options we offer are gold fingers, peelable solder masks, edge plating, carbon mask, and Kapton tape.

Furthermore, we offer impedance control in RF PCBs. We can adjust the base material, the layer stackup, and other items. We offer tolerance levels of ±10%.

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    PCB Manufacturer Finland

    PCB Prototyping and Manufacturing, Finland

    We have special services also, we offer:

    • Free DFA and DFM checking
    • Customized layer stack up
    • Free consultation for production cost reduction for boards
    • No charges on stencil fabrication
    • Free panelization
    • High-speed board fabrication
    • Free Electrical Testing

    We offer a full range of surface finishes for our customers. These include:

    • HASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling
    • HASL – RoHS – Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead-Free
    • ENEPIG – RoHS – Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold
    • ENIG – RoHS – Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
    • ISN – RoHS – Immersion Tin
    • IAG – RoHS – Immersion Silver
    • OSP – RoHS – Organic Solderability Preservatives

    PCB Assembly Finland

    Our full-featured PCB assembly Finland includes an offer for component sourcing, board fabrication, assembly, and electrical testing. We offer an industry-unique method of complete assembly that fully meets our customers’ requirements. Our offer of high-quality services includes:

    • Flexible Volume Assembly Services — Prototypes, Low-Volumes, High-Volumes
    • Mixed Assembly Services — SMT, THT, Mixed, POP, Rigid boards, Flexible boards
    • Start-to-Finish, Full Turn-key Services — Single-Window Fabrication and Assembly
    • Component Sourcing Services — We have vast experience in sourcing. Our relationships with distributors and manufacturers are stable. Therefore, we can obtain genuine components of good quality. We have incoming inspection for all components.
    • High Efficiency at Low Costs — We add value through free services like professional assistance to customers and DFM/DFA checks.
    • Quality Assurance — Control of quality is a serious issue for us. All our products undergo rigorous quality and functionality tests. Where necessary, we apply visual, AOI, and X-Ray inspections.
    PCB Assembly Finland
    PCB Assembly Finland

    PCB Runner Team

    To successfully complete customer projects, PCB manufacturer Finland maintains an engineering team of professionals. Consisting of highly qualified and dedicated personnel, the team ensures the timely completion of all customer projects. For this, the team makes sure all customer projects start with an optimal design that can meet deadlines. Our printed board assembly services include:

    • Prototype PCB Assembly — Our prototype services allow customers to qualify their design before committing to full volume production. Our quick turn-around for prototypes allows customers to easily identify and rectify potential problems with their design while optimizing their products.
    • Low Volumes, High Mix PCB Assembly — We have flexible production lines to assembly any combination of boards even with different quantities.
    • High Volume Board Assembly — We also undertake large assembly orders within short notice periods.
    • Partial/Consigned PCB Assembly — For customer-supplied components, we complete the assembly after purchasing the balance components.

    Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacture Finland

    At PCB Runner, we are the specialists in flex and rigid-flex board manufacturing. Our offer includes a single-window quick-turn manufacturing and assembly service to our customers. Our instant RFW replies help speeding up customer R&D. While we check DFM on the same day, we also expedite production.

    Our offer of flex and rigid-flex boards includes:

    • Single-Layer Flex
    • Single-Layer Rigid-Flex
    • Double-Layer Flex
    • Double-Layer Rigid-Flex
    • Multi-Layer Flex
    • Multi-Layer Rigid-Flex

    As an eminent flex and rigid-flex PCB fabricator in Finland, we surpass our competitor capabilities. For instance, we design and manufacture of flexible boards successfully with track widths and spacing as low as 19 microns (0.75 mils), along with 1 mil microvias.

    We manufacture and assemble PCBs for other specifications also. Customers can consult our design and engineering services team to determine the most efficient design depending on their application. To assess new designs in a short period, we offer our prototyping services to customers. These are extremely fast and quick turn.

    HDI PCB Finland

    As the most prominent PCB manufacturer in Finland, PCB Runner has a fully professional team with dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified engineering personnel. The team is entrusted with the task of ensuring successful completion of all our customer projects by starting with an optimized design that can meet deadlines.

    For HDI PCBs, we offer five types of circuit board assembly services:

    • Prototype PCB Assembly — Our prototype board assembly services allow customers to evaluate their design before they commit to full volume production. We offer quick turn-around for prototypes, so that our customers can easily determine and remedy potential problems in their design while optimizing their products.
    • Low Volumes, High Mix PCB Assembly — Our flexible production lines can assemble any combination of boards with different quantities under specific conditions.
    • High Volume PCB Assembly — We assemble large orders with short notice periods.
    • Partial/Consigned PCB Assembly — We accept customer-supplied components. We purchase the balance components, fabricate the board, and complete the assembly.

    Full Turnkey PCB Assembly — We fabricate the board, purchase all components listed in the BOM, and add the labor to complete the assembly.

    Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Finland

    HDI - High-Density Interconnect PCB Hungary

    As a PCB manufacturer in Hungary, we have a professional team with dedicated, highly qualified personnel for ensuring the success of our customers’ projects. For achieving this success, we make sure our customers begin with a design optimized to meet deadlines with higher chances.

    For this, we offer our customers five types of circuit board assembly services:

    Prototype Assembly Services: Our customers use this service to evaluate their designs before committing to full scale production volumes. We offer quick delivery of prototypes to allow customers to identify and rectify potential problems in design, thereby optimizing their products.

    Low Volume, High Mix Assembly Services: We can assemble any number of different board types quickly.

    High Volume Assembly Services: Our efficient setup accepts large assembly orders at short notice.

    Partial & Consigned Assembly Services: We accept all customer-suppled components, procure the balance components, and supply the necessary labor for the assembly.

    Full Turn-key Assembly Services: We handle board fabrication, component purchasing, and also supply the necessary labor for the assembly.