LED PCB Manufacturer and Assembler

At PCB Runner, we understand the unique requirements of LED PCBs that our customers demand. Our expert manufacturing facilities offer excellent LED PCBs with respect to specifications regarding thermal management and spillover light.

LED Boards

Thermal Management

High power LEDs generate a lot of heat that requires efficient removal for the LED light to continue working without premature failure. MCPCBs or Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards from PCB Runner are very effective in thermal management of LED boards. We use metal core substrates from Univaco, Arlon, Bergquist, or Thermagon for the best performance of dissipating heat that LEDs generate. We use innovative techniques for removing heat effectively from the LEDs through the prepreg, ultimately passing it to the metal core for dissipation.

The above requires careful control of the prepreg thickness, and its bonding to the metal core—crucial factors in effective heat transfer. For this, PCB Runner uses especially thin prepreg that transfers heat efficiently, while providing adequate electrical insulation for the copper conductors.

For bonding the prepreg to the metal core, PCB Runner uses a process that does not allow the formation of air bubbles in between them. Air bubbles are heat insulators and their presence inhibits heat transfer from LED to the metal core.

Spillover Light

Although LEDs project a major portion of their light in the forward direction, some light spills over on the side and to the rear. PCB Runner uses a white mask on the PCB to reflect the spilled light towards the front. Most LED boards available in the market have a white mask that becomes thinner with use. It grows dull and ineffective in reflecting the spilled light of the LEDs fully.

PCB Runner uses a special reflective mask on the LED board. The white mask is stable and does not become thin with use or lose its luster when hot. PCB Runner uses special material such as Taiyo’s LEW1 as the reflective mask.  It retains its brilliance and luster even after the LED PCB has undergone soldering in the reflow process.

More information is available with PCB Runner. Our experience with PCB fabrication and metal core PCB technology will assist you to solve all your issues.  So, Contact us as we will help you plan and design your LED product. This way you can reach the market sooner.