PCB Manufacturer Austria

As PCB manufacturer Austria, PCB Runner believes in innovation as our true spirit. The ever-changing requirements of the industry is the fuel that keeps our spirit continuously alive and bright today.

As our competitors continue to fabricate circuit boards, we engage in reinventing ourselves. We push the envelope to revolutionize the circuit board industry. Looking at the existing inefficiencies in the industry, we have established the quicker cycle time in our organization.

We specialize in quick turn boards and production runs for small, medium, and large quantities. The primary focus for us is to deliver products of the highest quality at the shortest amount of time. For us this is possible as we are the actual manufacturers and assemblers of boards. As we own the fabrication and assembly facilities, we also control all aspects of the manufacturing schedule.

As PCB Manufacturer Austria, we strive to provide our customers with all resources and knowledge at our disposal, along with the highest quality of circuit boards in the industry.

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    PCB Capabilities

    PCB Manufacturer Austria—Our Capabilities

    • Flex boards
    • Rigid-Flex PCB
    • HDI PCB
    • Through Holes, SMT, BGA, and more
    • Lead Free boards (RoHS & WEEE Compliant)
    • Milspec PCB (IPC Class 1, 2, 3)
    • Multi-Layered circuit boards with 40+ layers
    • Board Materials – FR-4, Polyimide, Rogers, and more
    • Trace and Spacing to 3 mils
    • Buried and Blind vias
    • Via-in-pad, Filled vias
    • Boards with Heavy Copper

    Our Expertise

    Apart from the above, we also offer expert fabrication and assembly services for:

    • Prototype PCBs
    • Small and Medium board Runs
    • Quick-Turn assemblies
    • Burn-In for Boards

    PCB Assembly Austria

    We offer the complete turnkey solution. We have several options for ordering parts and assembling them.

    For full turnkey, we fabricate the board, purchase all the parts, and supply the labor for the assembly.

    Moreover, for consigned assembly, we fabricate the boards, while the customer supplies some parts, we purchase the balance, and we also supply the labor for the assembly.

    Furthermore, for partially consigned assembly, the customer supplies all parts including the boards, and we supply the labor for the assembly.

    So, for more information on PCB Assembly Austria, contact us today. You can also upload your data and receive an instant quote for the fabrication, assembly, and parts ordering.

    PCB Assembly Austria
    Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

    Assembly Capabilities

    PCB Runner provides several engineering services such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Testing (DFT), and Design of Experiments (DOE). We also help to develop control plans and conduct Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA). We also offer value adding engineering services such as New Product Introduction (NPI).

    Our assembly service capabilities include:

    • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
    • Single- and Double-Sided Boards
    • Multi-Layered Boards
    • Plated Through Components
    • Mixed Technologies—SMT, THT, and electro-mechanical assembly

    We assemble all types of components, including:

    • µBGA, CSP, QFN, and all leadless components up to a pitch of 0.35 mm.
    • 0201, 01005, 08004, and POP.

    We have processes for handling:

    • Leaded, lead-free, RoHS, indium, and no-clean chemistries
    • Via in hole
    • De-ionized water (for cleaning assembled boards)

    Our Testing Capabilities

    Testing Capabilities:

    • Boundary Scan
    • Flying Probe Testing
    • Functional Testing

    Other Value-Added Services:

    • Reliability Testing
    • Temperature Cycling
    • Wire Bonding
    • Conformal Coating
    • In-Circuit Testing
    • Development of test fixtures

    Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacture Austria

    We manufacture all types of flex and rigid-flex circuits in Austria. Our flexible circuits are not only lightweight, they are easy to install, durable, and ultra-compact. The wide range of flexibility makes them suitable for various applications demanding dynamics or movement, where the circuit may be in continuous motion. As they are foldable, flex PCBs hold the advantage for devices where space is a primary concern.

    We use standard flex and rigid-flex materials:

    • Kapton or Polyimide 0.012 mm to 0.127 mm (0.5 mil to 5 mils)
    • Base material with adhesive less copper cladding 0.024 mm to 0.127 mm (1 mil to 5 mils)
    • Flame retardant base material, laminates, and coverlay
    • High Performance epoxy prepreg and laminates
    • High Performance Polyimide prepreg and laminates
    • RoHS and UL compliant material on request
    • High Tg Polyimide (260+ °C), FR-4 (170+°C)

    Our Core Competencies

    We provide the following weights of base copper:

    • 1/3 oz thickness 0.012 mm (0.00047 inches)
    • 1/2 oz thickness 0.018 mm (0.0007 inches)
    • 1 oz thickness 0.036 mm (0.0014 inches)
    • 2 oz thickness 0.072 mm (0.0028 inches)

    Solder mask and Coverlay:

    We offer Polyimide Coverlay of thickness 0.012 mm to 0.127 mm (0.5 mil to 5 mils). This consists of Kapton of thickness 0.012 mm to 0.127 mm (0.5 mil to 5 mils) and adhesive of thickness 0.012 mm to 0.051 mm (0.5 mil to 2 mils).

    We also provide Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) and Liquid Photo Imageable (LPI) flexible solder mask for all our flex and rigid-flex PCB Manufacture Austria.

    HDI PCB Austria

    Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in manufacturing High Density Interconnect (HDI) boards. We use blind and buried vias, and use microvia techniques and via-in-pad technology when necessary. We build up the laminations considering high signal performance. For fine lines and close spacing we use Laser Direct Imaging (LDI).

    With significantly higher wiring density per unit area than traditional printed boards offer, our HDI PCBs have special features such as very fine traces and spacing between them. We have been evolving HDI circuit techniques with an aim towards making them smaller and faster. All features in HDI are smaller, including vias, pads, lines, and spacings. This allows our HDIs to have denser wiring, making them compact, lighter, and with a lower layer count. Our customers prefer using our HDI boards, as one HDI PCB Austria can replace several circuit boards within a device offering the same functionality.

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