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    Full Turnkey PCB Assembly and Manufacturing UK and Europe

    If you are facing problems in sourcing components for PCB assembly in UK and Europe, let us handle your project. PCB Runner has more than 10 years of experience in professional turnkey PCB assembly service in UK and Europe, and we will take the entire responsibility of coordinating lead times, logistics for part substitution, component overages, multiple vendors for components, and all other aspects related to full turnkey PCB assembly UK and Europe.

    In addition, we guarantee complete quality control with consigned assembly kits.

    Typical turnaround times for full turnkey printed circuit board assembly:

    • BOM verification followed by quote — 2 business days from submission
    • Component sourcing — 1-3 business days from order date (depending on component availability)

    Please submit your BOM for a quote or give us a call.

    Turnkey PCB Assembly UK and Europe

    Our turnkey PCB service includes:

    • Partial Turn-Key Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
    • Full Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

    We provide similar concepts for both options — primarily, we reduce your responsibility by sourcing electronic components for you. We manage the BOM, overage calculations, inventory, logistics, and more.

    Turnkey PCB Services

    Our full turn-key PCB assembly and manufacturing services in UK and Europe cover the entire spectrum of:

    • Sourcing & acquisition of material and components
    • Tracking, shipment, and logistics of components
    • Physical assembly of the PCB
    • Inspection and Quality Control
    • Final shipment

    For partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services, we allow customers to take partial control of some processes for full turnkey services. Typically, we allow the customer to source and ship some or all the components.

    However, compared to the several benefits that our full turnkey PCB assembly service offers, customers find our partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly service less attractive. We offer three options for our partial turnkey PCB assembly service:

    turnkey - picture

    Total Consignment

    The customer purchases and ships to us all material in advance taking care of moisture-free conditions. We maintain the inventory levels, while the customer ensures quick access for new orders. This process saves time when you place repeat orders for your projects.

    Hybrid Consignment

    The customer provides some of the components and materials, and we provide the balance.

    Why Turnkey PCB

    Our customers benefit substantially from delegating part or all the responsibility of sourcing components and allowing us to assemble the PCB. This includes:

    • We offer better economies of scale, timely deliveries, accurate ordering, and better rates for components, due to our relationships with major authorized component vendors.
    • Customers do not need to maintain additional inventory and storage space at their place.
    • We ensure on-time delivery by maintaining proper overage number of components.
    • We ensure better control of quality through proper labeling, storage, shipment, and PCBA testing methods.
    • Customers do not need to invest new capital to gain from the latest technology.
    • We handle the inconsistencies in BOM and consignment kits arising from updates, additions, and part substitution.
    • Our labor, intermediary receiving/shipping, in-house kitting costs are low.
    • With our turnkey PCB services, customers save time which they can utilize more efficiently.

    That’s why; With our full turnkey PCB assembly service, customers can expect quicker deliveries with more consistently assembled products, resulting in a reduction in time-to-market.

    Partial Turn-Key Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services — Guidelines

    For our partial turnkey PCB services, we prefer SMD component supply on tape and reel. We can use cut tape also, but there should be adequate tape for mounting into feeders.

    We also insist on proper component quantities for consigned turnkey PCB assembly, including overages. So. please ensure correct amounts when shipping components, as we do not count all components.

    This is our component overage chart for quantity of necessary spares:

    Assembly Quantity
    Less than 20 20 - 50 50 - 100
    Component Size Component Quantity
    01005 150+ 200+ 250+
    0201 100+ 150+ 200-250+
    0402 100+ 150+ 200-250+
    0603 100+ 150+ 200-250+
    0805 50+ 100+ 150+
    1206 50+ 100+ 150+

    The order quantity above are necessary for each setup of the feeder, while some will be lost during removal and reinstallation. Assembly jobs set up for multiple times or future runs will require additional components.

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    Henceforth, Please ensure the consignment kit has part numbers matching the BOM, and this must include alternate parts as well.

    Moreover, please verify PCB footprints for BGAs, QFNs, and other fine-pitch components. Footprint errors found at placement will cause delays as they will need special processes for removal after reflow soldering, and hand soldering is not possible with these components.

    turnkey - picture
    PCB Turnkey

    Inspection of Turnkey PCB Assembly

    Although we do conduct a basic quality inspection of the bare circuit boards, so,  please ensure submission of fully inspected boards. Furthermore, please ensure information such as hole sizes, fabrication notes, certifications, and dimensions are available.

    So, contact our full turnkey PCB assembly experts for a proposal today and get your PCBs assembled fast.