Minimum Line/Spacing (Internal)3/33/3
Minimum Line/Spacing (External)4/43/3
Drilled Hole Size, Minimum86
Aspect Ratio (Thickness to Drill Dia)10:115:1
Annular Ring (Diameter over Drill Dia)108
Anti-pad (Diameter over Drill Dia)2016
Plated Hole Tolerance±3±2
Minimum Dielectric Thickness32
Maximum PCB Thickness (inches)0.2000.250
Thickness Tolerance (% of Thickness)±10±7
Maximum PCB Dimensions (inches)16.0 X 22.030.0 X 44.0
Fabricated Dimensions – NC Routing±5 mils±3 mils
Layer-to-Layer Registration Tolerance±5±3
Solder Mask Clearance, each Side2.0 mils1.5 mils
Blind/Buried Vias (All Types)YesYes
Via Fill (Conductive, Non-Conductive)NoYes


Minimum Core thickness3 mils2 mils
Minimum Line width4 mils3 mils (H Oz copper)
Minimum Spacing (Air gap)4 mils3 mils (H Oz copper)
Minimum pad sizeDrill size+10 milsDrill Size+7 mils
Minimum Anti Pad (planes)Drill Size+20 milsDrill Size+16 mils


Outer LayersStandardAdvanced
Max. Finished Thickness0.2000.250
Thickness Tolerance±10%±5%
Max. Aspect Ratio10:112:1
Min. Drill Size108 mils
Min. Line width4 mils3 mils
Min. Spacing (air gap)4 mils3 mils
Min. Solder mask clearance4 mils3 mils
Min. solder mask web thickness (mask between pads)4 mils3.4 mils