Electronic parts that are no longer manufactured or distributed by the original manufacturer are known as obsolete electronic components, and the only place to find them is via distributors of obsolete electronic parts. This may be the result of various factors, such as modifications in manufacturing techniques, advancements in technology, or just a deficiency in demand. Distributors of obsolete components might offer transistors, capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components.

The expenses associated with a faulty manufacturing line vary depending on the company’s size, the industry it works in, location, the products it produces, and other factors. But when a breakdown happens, the sensation of powerlessness and frustration is universal. Finding a seasoned partner who can get replacement parts for you if manufacturing is halted or slows down is one approach to feel at ease.

PCB Runners are experts in locating and distributing out-of-production and challenging-to-find electrical components. With many years of business expertise, we have provided thousands of enterprises with current production requirements, related products, and obsolete electrical components. PCB Runner can locate any component, even an outdated electronic one, if it exists across the globe thanks to the company’s extensive global supplier network. Naturally, finding a replacement for an electronic component gets even harder after it becomes outdated. This is why you need an expert with years of expertise working with this kind of component as well as exposure to all the most recent obsolescence data. 

Obsolete Component Sourcing Solutions

PCB Runner’s Obsolete Component Sourcing Services

Obsolescence problems can result in unfavorable experiences, which can severely damage consumer loyalty and company reputation. These experiences can include missing a product, problems with the product’s quality, a lack of vendor support, or anything else. Manufacturers may stop issues from harming their customers and their business in the long run by monitoring obsolescence and making plans for it.

With information insight for your technology, sourcing, distribution, and compliance oversight, ESG strategists, and business leadership, PCB Runner’s integrated platform offers a comprehensive, data-driven approach to supply chain risk management. Our global team of professional experts consists of engineers, designers, R&D innovators, product managers, supply chain/manufacturing professionals, sales/customer service staff, and quality assurance personnel. We have world-class production facilities and we are certified for ISO9001, and qualified for IPC Class 2, 3, and 3 for which we have aligned our quality systems and technology roadmaps.

To help their clients get the best deal possible, PCB Runner makes it their goal to bargain with suppliers to get the greatest terms and quality. PCB Runner is in a great position to negotiate advantageous terms for their clients because they frequently have long-standing relationships and a history of dealing with their suppliers. PCB runner’s primary responsibility is to oversee the procurement procedure from start to finish. They are therefore essential to supply chain management, particularly for companies that depend on outsourcing or global trade.

For you to strike a fair bargain with a dependable and trustworthy sourcing agent, a committed team of PCB Runners takes on the job of assisting your company with an approach to sourcing and identifying suppliers for you to make your items.

Obsolete Component Sourcing Process

It can be difficult to get obsolete electronic parts, but don’t worry; we’ve put up a list of advice that will help you improve your chances.

Make Contact:

Getting in touch with other enthusiasts through online groups and discussion boards devoted to technology and electronics can be beneficial. Making connections with people who share your interests could lead to the discovery of new suppliers for hard-to-find electronic components as well as insightful knowledge on how to acquire them.

Go to the Local Electronics Stores:

When looking for uncommon electronic parts, don’t rule out your neighborhood electronics stores. They might be willing to order the part for you or know how to find it even if they don’t have it in stock.

Examine Internet Marketplaces:

Rare electronic parts can also be found in abundance on websites like eBay and Amazon. Before making a purchase make sure to check the seller’s ratings and reviews to be sure you are working with a trustworthy vendor.

Make Use of Part Number Lookup Engines:

By simultaneously searching several suppliers and databases, part number search engines like “FindChips” and “Octapart” can assist you in finding hard-to-find electrical parts. The search engine can take care of the rest if you just enter the part number.

Industries Served

With the help of our extensive industry and product expertise base and global supplier network, we offer complete solutions for out-of-production and obsolete electrical components. Some of the main markets we serve are as follows:


To perform life-saving procedures, the medical industry depends on robust, high-quality electronic devices. Our staff at PCB Runners is devoted to finding dependable medical parts so that decisions involving life and death are made correctly.

Aerospace and Defense:

At PCB Runners, we are aware of the significance that part legality and quality hold for our aerospace clients. We uphold a zero-tolerance stance because of this.


The skilled staff at PCB Runners has been putting in a lot of effort to provide sophisticated supply chain administration solutions to facilitate the digital growth of the telecom industry. We can assist telecom customers in finding parts fast, including those involved in the 5G revolution.

Internet of Things:

IoT companies have to handle intricate supply chains and acquire necessary parts to keep up manufacturing and satisfy consumer demands for electronic products. We at PCB Runners can help IOT companies quickly get tracking sensors, replacement parts, and other items. Working with an international community of suppliers of old components, PCB Runners offers a plan to keep your products manufactured even if obsolescence starts to become a problem.

Quality and Compliance

We take the following steps to ensure quality control for providing obsolete components to our clients.

Supplier assessments:

This assessment entails a methodical, ongoing assessment of suppliers. We evaluate a supplier’s ability to satisfy quality requirements consistently by looking at things like the company’s quality management systems, trade references, and accreditations.

Component inspection:

It comprises internal assessments of every electronic component that is received. Our component inspection method consists of visual examinations, dimensional checks, scrape testing, resurfacing, and other procedures.

 Supplier Qualification:

Some criteria are taken into account to qualify suppliers during the assessment process. These elements could consist of the supplier’s standing in the market, financial soundness, accreditations, quality control procedures, and conformity to industry norms.

Quality control systems:

Evaluating a supplier’s quality control systems can reveal information about how well-equipped they are to regularly deliver components of the highest caliber. To verify compliance with quality standards, this assessment may entail looking into testing protocols, inspection techniques, processes, and traceability systems.

Previous Results and Track Record:

Assessing a supplier’s prior results is essential to determining their dependability and consistency. Examining their track record of producing flawless components, their receptiveness to quality concerns, and their dedication to ongoing development are some of the tasks that may be included in this evaluation.

Why Choose PCB Runner for Obsolete Components

  • With its global part search capabilities, PCB Runner provides a high-quality, completely traceable, and quick-turnaround component sourcing service that is valued by both smaller, independent companies and some of the world’s largest brands.
  • With the use of the newest part-search technologies and a distinct network of international sourcing agents, PCB Runner can identify obsolete or difficult-to-find components far more rapidly and accurately than its competitors.
  • With our extremely efficient and reliable part-sourcing service, we will ensure that your manufacturing line continues to run while providing a completely traceable and time-sensitive supply chain solution.
  • We are aware that every client and their needs are unique and distinct. Customers need to be able to trust their source to fulfill their needs, in our opinion. Our specialty is assisting clients in launching their goods into the market as quickly as feasible.

PCB Runner offers turnkey solutions which include custom design layout, fabrication, components procurement & assembly labor, for all industries. Our expert design layout team efforts help the end R&D engineers/ Buyers/ Purchasers to reduce their time by going back & forth to design PCB based on manufacturing capabilities & running DFM & DFA twice.

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