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    Industries Served

    For over a decade, PCB Runner has partnered with customers to provide excellent service and the highest quality, while catering to a wide variety of market segments—we are proud to say, we deliver on time and on budget. Our services include design of printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrating mechanical, signal, and power engineering to PCB layouts to provide prototypes in quick-turn service. We focus on the design and fabrication of high-reliable PCBs for a wide variety of industries that include:

    • Military and Aerospace
    • Healthcare and Medical Electronics
    • Telecommunication/Networking
    • Industrial Applications
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Automotive Applications

    We are certified for ISO9001, and qualified for IPC Class 2, 3, and 3A. Also, we have a professional team capable of serving your specific industry for virtually any requirement.

    PCB Capabilities

    Military and Aerospace

    Military and Aerospace

    We have been serving the military and aerospace industry. Furthermore, we provide PCB design and related services for satellites, control systems, avionics electronics, wearables, weapons, communications, and in-flight entertainment applications. Moreover, we offer production support for current applications such as power supplies, avionics system, ruggedized & vehicles.  Cockpit lighting, countermeasures, helicopter parts, and communications also contain it.

    With high qualification costs and long development cycles, aerospace firms must identify partners that offer cost-effective products, and are stable and reliable. PCB Runner with global support and plants certified for ISO 9001 and qualified for IPC Class 2, 3, and 3A. offer a wide variety of solutions for critical applications.

    Our Experienced Team

    With experienced staff, PCB Runner has the know-how to tackle mission critical projects. We provide the premium electronic assemblies that the military and aerospace industry require for its applications. Moreover, we are one of the certified manufacturers and we have the expert knowledge and quality systems necessary to provide product support. Sp, contact us as we are pro at manufacturing to defense contractors and OEMs in military and aerospace.

    Place your inquiries on our website or contact us today to know more about our capabilities for the Military and Aerospace industry.

    Healthcare and Medical Electronics

    PCB Runner is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PCBs for healthcare and medical equipment among our valued customers. For the healthcare and medical electronics industry, we provide PCB design and manufacturing services for image scanning systems, surgical devices, laboratory, dental, and medical equipment.

    Custom-built PCBs from PCB Runner for engineered products have the requisite quality and reliability. Medical industries throughout the world use our PCBs in their equipment for critical applications such as patient diagnosis.

    What Makes Us Different

    OEMs in the healthcare and medical industry specify our PCBs for use in their products such as gas chromatographs, ECG arrhythmia interpretation computers, ENT diagnostic instruments, blood analyzers, gas analyzers, ECG transmitter/receiver units, pacemaker analyzers, biopotential analyzers, heart rate monitors, blood sugar monitors, blood pressure monitors, medical analyzers, and many more.

    In our medical customer list, you can find several internationally renowned medical device manufacturers.

    Please contact us for more details.

    medical equipment
    Telecommunication Networking


    PCB Runner designs and manufactures a vast variety of printed circuit boards for the telecommunication/networking industry. The PCBs we offer include rigid, flex, rigid-flex, and HDI type.

    The telecommunication/networking industry uses our PCBs for use in their base stations, carrier networks, access networks, routers, satellites, radios, fiber-optics, mobile and broadband communications, video, voice, and data equipment.

    Our expert team can answer all your queries, please contact us today.

    Industrial Applications

    Several of our customers are general industrial companies, and we provide them with PCBs for use in their engineered solutions. Industrial companies use our PCBs in industrial applications such as process controls, utility metering, mining equipment, gas detection & power supplies. We also use it in solar panels, portable printers, security/safety devices, welding equipment, and many others.

    For use in Automated Test Equipment, we provide high quality in-circuit test boards. Device under test boards, boards for industrial controllers, and boards for RF systems.

    Why Choose US

    We tailor our operation and systems to support any type of PCBs for industrial products. It includes value added services—covering prototyping through production. Industries use our wide array of PCB types for their engineered products. We help them to bring products faster to the market compared to the competition.

    Whatever you may be designing, or trying to improve in your products. We can help you achieve better size, control, reliability, safety, and efficiency. So, contact us today with your requirements, and we will not disappoint you.

    LED Boards
    Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    The consumer electronics industry has been one of our valued customers for the entire history of PCB Runner. For the consumer electronics industry we provide printed circuit boards. They are  use in fitness equipment, lawn and garden equipment. Also they are use in lighting, AR/VR headsets, home electronics, wearables, sensors and controls, storage devices. You can find them in internet-enabled devices, home entertainment systems, and many others. We have always supported the needs of our customers in the consumer
    electronics industry.

    The consumer product design engineers prefer to use our PCBs for their engineered products, as we match their medium to high volume manufacturing processes, and offer consistent quality, reliability, and durability.

    Automotive Applications

    Our expertise in PCBs for automotive applications allows PCB Runner to meet the challenges of this segment of the industry, especially as the PCBs must withstand high levels of heat and vibration, and survive lifetime requirements. Automotive applications require zero-defect products, for which, PCB Runner offers high-reliability PCBs.

    Automotive Application