High Density Interconnection In Hole

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    HDI Technology in Hole

    High Density Interconnection

    Blind & Burried 9+2+9 Laser Drill

    Market Trend vs. Technology Solution

    HDI Process Flow

    Main Process of Build – up Layer

    Construction Materials

    Material Type

    • FR 4 Tetra Function ( Tg. 130 – 140 ℃ )
    • FR 4 High Tg ( Tg. 160 – 180 ℃ )
    • RCC ( Tg. 150 ℃ & Tg. 185 ℃ )
    • Ink ( VIL )

    Comparison of Material

    Low Cost++
    Hole wall roughness+
    Laminating control+
    Dielectric thickness45um ~30um ~ 80um
    Smear residue on target pad++
    Dielectric constant3.9 ~ 4.73.2 ~ 3.8
    Shelf time+++
    Working PNL size+++

    Comparison of Via Technologies

    Mechanical DrillingLaser Drilling
    Low Cost in Equipment+++
    Low Cost in Production+++
    Required FacilitiesDrilling MachineLaser Machine
    ConsumableDrill Bits, Backup BoardNone
    Aspect Ratio91
    Via Size Capacity200 um~50~100um
    Speed140 H/min20,000 H/min

    Comparison of Blind Via



    Build-up for 2 + N + 2

    Through Hole

    Inner Laser Via

    Stack Hole

    Inner Via Hole

    Surface Laser Via

    Laser Via Quality

    1+6+1 without buried, extend to 1+N+1

    1+4+4+1 with buried via, extend to 1+N+N+1

    2+4+2 laser via on laser via

    2+4+2 Staggered via, extend to 2+N+2

    Blind via Capability

    4- Layer Core Receiving

    I.V.H.(Inner Via Hole) Drilling

    Electroless Copper Plating

    Electro Plating

    Inner Via Hole Plugging
    ( for thickness >= 60 mil )

    ( for thickness >= 60 mil )

    Dry Film Lamination

    D.F. Exposure / Developing


    D.F. Strip

    Black Oxide Treatment

    Prepreg Layup


    Dry Film Lamination

    D.F. Exposure / Developing


    D.F. Strip

    Mechanical Drlling for TH

    Laser Drlling for Blind Via

    Desmear / Electroless Copper Plating

    Electro Plating

    Dry film, Exposure & DES

    Solder Mask Printing

    S/M Exposure / Developing

    Surface Finish

    Symbol Mask Printing


    laser-drilled micro-vias