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    PCB Capabilities

    PCB Runner Full-Feature PCB Manufacturing and Assembly


    • Rigid PCBs
    • Flex PCBs
    • Rigid-Flex PCBs
    • High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs
    • Multi-Layer PCBs

    PCB Base Materials

    We can give you:

    • High Temperature PCBs
    • RoHS Compliant PCBs
    • High Frequency RF PCBs
    • High Speed Digital PCBs

    PCB Services

    • PCB Assembly
    • Prototype PCB Assembly
    • Low Volume PCB Assembly
    • High Volume PCB Assembly
    • Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly
    • Full Turnkey PCB Assembly
    • Component Sourcing

    Our Expertise

    • PCB Panels
    • Layer Stackup
    • Lead Free Soldering
    • Through, Blind, and Buried Via
    • Laser Micro Via
    • Via in Pad

    The PCB Runner Advantage

    PCB Runner is the preferred choice for full-feature printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly. Our customers prefer the variety and the flexibility of the solutions we offer. We offer any type of printed circuit board you require, from rigid boards to rigid-flex boards to HDI boards, starting from single-layer to multiple layers. We can handle boards of all shapes and sizes that you need, and the size of your order does not matter.

    Whatever type of boards you need, simply let us know. We can supply you with high-temperature, high-frequency, high-speed boards, or PCBs that are RoHS compliant. We have expert designers, engineers, and fabricators to create just the board you want from us.

    The best advantage of PCB Runner is we have experts for each stage of PCB manufacturing and assembly. We offer partial turnkey, full turnkey, and full feature PCB manufacturing and assembly. In short, we offer a complete start-to-finish solution for your projects. Our experts will be with you all the way, starting from design and fabrication, and continuing up to assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping.

    When you start to work with PCB Runner for your PCB manufacturing and assembly, you will immediately realize the advantage—PCB Runner is a one-stop solution—you do not have to talk to different companies to get your project completed.

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    PCB Capabilities

    Multi-Layer PCBs from PCB Runner

    The manufacturing cost and technological difficulty of a printed circuit board depends on its layer count. The industry classifies PCBs as single-, double-, or multi-layer boards, with high-end electronic products mostly opting for multi-layer PCBs. Typically, multi-layer PCBs consist of a few signal layers sandwiched between power and ground layers.

    The manufacturing procedure will position and press multiple layers into a single board making it into a multi-layer PCB. We can make multi-layer PCBs for rigid, flex, and rigid-flex boards.

    Advantages of Multi-Layer PCBs

    Increasing use of complex circuit components and packages makes interconnections on PCBs so dense that the designer cannot use single- or double-sided boards, and must use multiple layers. In addition, multi-layer technology helps to solve design problems such as cross-talk, stray capacitance, and noise. It requires designers to minimize the length of signal lines and avoid parallel circuits. Multi-layer PCBs help in providing near-perfect performance of circuits.

    Multi-layer PCBs also provide more freedom to designers in terms of routing complex signals that are sensitive to noise. The two outer layers help to shield the signal levels in the inside layers. Other advantages of multi-layer PCBs are:

    • Makes PCBs Smaller
    • Allows Higher Speed of Signals
    • Allows Lower Impedance
    • Lowers Overall Weighs
    • Allows Better Shielding
    • Allows Higher Component Density

    HDI PCBs from PCB Runner

    Today’s miniaturized electronic assemblies require High-Density Interconnects (HDI). SMT technology requires the miniaturization characteristics and benefits of HDI for providing:

    • Tighter Tolerances
    • Densely spacing traces and pads
    • Multiple Layers on a Single PCB
    • Micro vias to enable signals to travel between layers

    HDI offers significant reduction in size and weight, and helps with the decreasing sizes of SMT components. When you use more flip chips and BGAs, HDI is the technology you cannot do without.

    For any requirement of HDI PCBs, please get in touch with PCB Runner, our experts are available to help with the design and development of your project.

    Advantages of HDI PCBs

    As HDI circuitry offers smaller size and weight, customers can fit their circuit boards into smaller spaces, the project weight also reduces compared to use of conventional PCB designs. Smaller size and weight of the PCB means lower chances of damage from shocks and drops.

    For PCB Runner assembling HDI PCBs means placing components on the PCB with more accuracy, as the PCB area is smaller and the topography is more compact. PCB Runner has professional and expert staff that can handle assembly of HDI PCBs, as they have more than ten years of experience.

    We offer blind and buried vias with our HDI boards. We use lasers to drill all micro vias in our HDI boards. Laser drilling allows us to make very small vias that conventional mechanical drills cannot handle. Micro-vias are also more reliable compared to regular vias.

    Our engineers and experts will be pleased to assist you with the engineering and design of your HDI PCBs. Contact PCB Runner today, or visit our website for more information.

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